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glittrock icons and graphics.

icons and graphics.

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[ Wednesday - 7.20.2005 @ 2:58pm]
[ mood | excited ]

i've moved over to musicbox_icons. (: if you friended me here, then be sure to check out the affiliation post there! thanks so much everyone for enjoying my works! this journal will still be up for about a year, and then i probably will get rid of it. ♥ P.S. >> If I was affiliated with you before, please let me know in my new graphics journal and I'll re-affiliate you. (:

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[ Wednesday - 4.20.2005 @ 6:23pm]
I will get back to this sometime... (:O
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[ Monday - 12.27.2004 @ 2:27pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Okay, I've been getting very frustrated with PSP 9, lately.
I think I just need more time getting used to it.
This is a sample icon of how much I've gotten down.
Up for grabs, if anyone wants it.

EDIT: Three more sample icons. :) I'm getting it down.

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[ Saturday - 12.25.2004 @ 9:37pm]
[ mood | silly ]

JUST GOT PSP 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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[ Monday - 10.4.2004 @ 4:37pm]
[ mood | content ]

until december 25th or until furthur notice.
why? check user info.
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---Hilary & Keira Icons and Graphics!--- [ Sunday - 10.3.2004 @ 6:36pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Oh wow. Okay, I'm still on hiatus, but I was on an icon brink and I had to make more and post for my lovely, lovely customers. ;) These here are mostly Hilary Duff and Keira Knightley icons. Some are of Elijah Wood, but they were made totally out of random because I had them save to my pictures. Okay, I lied. Only one thing features and consists of Elijah Wood and it's a friends only banner.

I found an old icon of mine that I had lost to picturetrail.com! Thanks to lynn_weasley, I got my "pureblood icon" back! It's welcome for grabs if anybody wants it. :)

pureblood icon:
<< One of my favorite icons.

Okay, now bare with me. This whole icon project took me over 12 hours to complete!
Yeah. And after the 50th icon, I was starting to get bored and coming to a conclusion that some of the icons probably weren't even worth posting because no one would like them and bother grabbing them, so I just deleted them. But if you find any crappy ones in there, it's because I thought they had a 50% change of being loved, and decided to let them live. ;)
And in addition to all of the icons... I created a new layout as you can tell. Hope you like! It features Miss Keira Knightley.

+94 people including bases and friends only bannersCollapse )

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---Bunch o' Icons--- [ Sunday - 8.29.2004 @ 3:12pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

Finally made some effort to make some new icons! Hurray!
Most are new from today, but some I had already had ready to post. Enjoy! :)

-2 Harry Potter
-1 Tom Felton
-1 Emma Watson
-1 Ashlee Simpson
-1 Kelly Clarkson
-3 Keira Knightley
-1 Misc.
-4 Lord of the Rings
-10 Dominic Monaghan
-2 Group
-2 Elijah Wood
-4 King Arthur

Follow The Real Cut...Collapse )
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---First Week of Graphic Hosting--- [ Tuesday - 8.17.2004 @ 10:57am]
[ mood | happy ]

Welp, this is week numero uno of graphic hosting and this week's category is harry potter icons:
I picked up a bunch from a total of four makers. They will definitely be credited, of course and these are very magnificent icons, too...and humorous. You'll see...

The first and second batch are from hp_novel_icons:
And these ones below were made by secretpuppetman.
   more...Collapse )

The other maker is save_you. She made a terrific bunch of hp chapter icons:
   more...Collapse )

The third and fourth batch are from hp_icons:
The wonderful maker of these below is vanouria.
   more...Collapse )

And the last maker is sinecure.
Here is her lovely work below:
   more..Collapse )

Got any great icons or graphics to share? Send them in!
Next week's theme is Lord of the Rings icons!</span>

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---FO Ashlee Banner & Hobbit Header ReColors--- [ Monday - 8.16.2004 @ 1:05pm]
[ mood | creative ]

If anyone would like different color versions of these original pictures, just ask! :)


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---really slow--- [ Saturday - 8.14.2004 @ 10:50pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Sorry, I haven't been updating much. I've been busy w/ other things.
Didn't make much:

-8 hp icons
-1 fo banner
-1 header

and because of frickin picturetrail.com, i lost about 50 icons...Collapse )

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---lotr merrypip bases--- [ Friday - 7.30.2004 @ 11:22am]
[ mood | cold ]

Hey guys! Sorry, I haven't updated recently, I've been busy with other things and have had iconmaker's block (is there such a thing?), lol. Anywho...made some more Lotr icons. Most of them are bases, some very funny ones too, actually that I picked up at this site. Enjoy! :)

And of course, you know the rules...

But what about second breakfast?...Collapse )

P.S. I moved my image hosting to photobucket.com because on picturetrail.com, it made the text on my images look fuzzy...so yeah, lol. Alright, I'll stop boring you now. :)


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---love for king arthur--- [ Monday - 7.26.2004 @ 2:33pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Wow! Lots of King Arthur icons here! :) Gotta have love for King Arthur.
-Harry Potter (3)
-King Arthur (15)
-Second Sight II (2)
-Actors (2)


+22Collapse )


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---first batch of icons--- [ Monday - 7.26.2004 @ 1:21pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

I made these icons a while back and had them posted in my personal journal, but I thought I'd post them in here and share them with you. You know the rules...

someday, somehow, gonna make it all right...Collapse )

lynn_weasley: You're still credited for the mudblood icon, so no need to post again. :)


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